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VS.8 Overview

Civil War and Post-War Eras

The student will demonstrate knowledge of the reconstruction of Virginia following the Civil War by

  1. identifying the effects of Reconstruction on life in Virginia;

  2. identifying the effects of segregation and "Jim Crow" on life in Virginia for whites, African Americans, and American Indians;

  3. describing the importance of railroads, new industries, and the growth of cities to Virginia's economic development.


Fradin, Dennis B.
From Sea to Shining Sea: Virginia. Chicago: Children’s Press, 1993.
While this book covers all of Virginia history, it also gives background information to the young reader about life in Virginia after the Civil War.

January, Brendan.
John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry (Cornerstones of Freedom). Children’s Press, 2000.
This book provides historical background information to the reader about the events that lead to the raid on Harpers Ferry.

McGovern, Ann.
If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln. Scholastic Trade, 1976.
If you grew up with Abraham Lincoln would you have to work hard? What would your school be like? Find answers to these and many other questions in this book about Abraham Lincoln.


The Virginia Historical Society created this Web site based on its long-term exhibition, The Story of Virginia: An American Experience. The site features easy-to-read, detailed chapters on Virginia history from prehistoric times to the present. Additional enhancements, such as 100 downloadable images of artifacts, photographs, paintings, and documents from the collections, Standards of Learning references, chapter outlines, and suggested classroom activities, make this a comprehensive Web site on Virginia history. The site is completely searchable and includes numerous links to other resources on the Web. The Story of Virginia-Online provides teachers, students, scholars, and history enthusiasts with a complete resource for projects, research, and classroom instruction.

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