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Describing the hardships faced by settlers at Jamestown and the changes that took place to ensure survival.



  • Review the reasons for the location and settlement at Jamestown.

  • Introduce the term hardship, and ask the students to give an example of what hardships they might encounter in the present. Define the word hardship. Now have them brainstorm possible hardships for the setters at Jamestown. Remind the students that the men who came were gentleman who lacked labor skills and thought that they would find riches upon arrival. Explain that they did not know how to grow crops or hunt. They did not want to work, because in England they had been businessmen.

  • Review that some of the hardships faced by the settlers include that the site they chose to live on was marshy and lacked safe drinking water. The settlers lacked some skills necessary to provide for themselves. Many settlers died of starvation and disease. A teacher and student resource, Voyage to Virginia, is available from the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation at the following Web site: http://www.historyisfun.org/PDFbooks/Voyage_to_Virginia.pdf.

  • Read a book about the settlers of Jamestown to help identify John Smith and show his picture from the following Web site. Discuss his leadership role at Jamestown. Picture from Jamestown Rediscovery: http://www.preservationvirginia.org/rediscovery/page.php.

  • Review some of the changes that took place in Jamestown that ensured survival of the colony. These reasons included the arrival of two supply ships, the forced work program and strong leadership of Captain John Smith, and the emphasis on self-sustaining agriculture.

  • Encourage students to work in groups to come up with possible solutions to as many of the problems and hardships the settlers encountered in setting up the colony of Jamestown.



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