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Explaining how advances in transportation, communications, and technology have contributed to Virginia's prosperity and role in the global economy.



  • In this lesson, students will determine the factors that have contributed to Virginia’s prosperity and role in the global economy.

  • View Virginia Pathways, Episode 1, Taxes and Transportation (go to Virginia Pathways: The Series Virginia History Production Consortium at http://www.vastudies.org.) Compare the ways that the early Virginians traveled with the ways people travel today. Create a Venn diagram to discuss specifically how advances in transportation have facilitated migration and economic growth in Virginia.

  • Compare ways people communicated in early Virginia to ways people communicate today. Discuss how technology influences communication. Point out that communications and technology have also helped the economy grow. Review specifically where and what technology industries are located in Virginia.

  • Discuss the meaning of tourism. Explain that Virginia has a lot to offer tourists, for example, caverns, mountains (for skiing), beaches, and historical sites. Remind students that not all states have the same tourist features.

  • Assign as an in school or home project brochures or 3-D models of various tourist attractions in Virginia. Contact the Chamber of Commerce in each city or county to acquire sample brochures to share.

  • Make conclusions about the impact of tourism in Virginia's economy by reviewing the Virginia Travel Corporation Web site at http://www.virginia.org/

  • Compare and contrast project. Ask students to research the following: cost of a house in the state; salaries for various occupations; interest rates at different car dealerships in the state; and advantages and disadvantages of different types of bank accounts.

  • Research the offices of Virginia government. Find out who holds the positions of the following offices in the Virginia government: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of the commonwealth, adjutant general, treasurer, and comptroller. Describe the duties of each office.

  • Complete a Venn diagram. Have students identify the differences and similarities between local, state, and federal taxes. Brainstorm a classroom list. Ask students to brainstorm a list of goods and services that would not be available if governments (local, state, and federal) did not provide them for citizens.



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