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From the mountains of southwest to the waterways of Hampton Roads, from the suburbs of surrounding Washington, D.C. to the farmlands of southside, Virginians share rich history and natural beauty.

The Virginia Studies Web site is a resource designed to assist teachers in implementing the Virginia Studies History and Social Science Standards of Learning. This Web site provides a collection of meaningful and engaging activities correlated to the skills, history, geography, economics, and civics strands of the Virginia Studies History and Social Science Standards of Learning.

The purpose of the Virginia Studies Web site is to enhance teachers' content knowledge and their use of instructional strategies for teaching the Virginia Studies Standards of Learning. Each Virginia Studies Standard of Learning on the Web site includes two types of resources. Ready Resources contain maps, time lines, sample instructional ideas, Web quests, and sample review activities that teachers can immediately use in their classrooms. Teacher Resources provide Web sites for background information and knowledge of Virginia history.  

Literature Connections are located under the Overview for each Virginia Studies Standard of Learning. A suggested list of fiction and nonfiction books that correlates with each Virginia Studies Standard of Learning is provided.

We'd like your feedback and ideas. Click on Feedback and let us know what you think or if you would like to suggest a resource that you have found useful in your classroom. Also, please take a moment to register in Announcements, so that we can send you information of interest to Virginia Studies teachers, such as new resources that may have been added to the Web site, opportunities for study seminars, or courses that may be of interest.  

Enjoy your journey through Virginia history!

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